Success For Our Clients at The Worlds First Electric Touring Car Race

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Finally motorsports has come back to Hong Kong this 2016, and we couldn't be happier to play our part in it. Witnessed on the streets on Central on the October 8-9th 2016 was the 2016-17 Formula E Season Opener, and also worlds first All Electric Touring Car Race.


We were able to model the Hong Kong track, and this led us to becoming the official simulation partner for the event, with our sims being displayed at the E-Motion Club at the event, as well as at multiple venues for the Roadshow leading up to the race weekend. 


Training for the FRD E-Touring Car Challenge Race Drivers

Prior to the event, the E-Touring car drivers practiced on the Hong Kong E-Prix track at our centre's Racers Grade Simulator.


On the sim, we were able to model the e-touring car, and give drivers a chance to practice their skills and learn the Hong Kong track in the FRD Volkswagen e-Golf car. We had some very high profile celebrities who came including,


  • Aaron Kwok (Hong Kong Actor and Singer)

  • Kenneth Ma (Formula Racing Development Boss)

  • Denise Yeung (Female Pro Racing Driver)

  • Pakho Chau (Actor and Singer in Hong Kong)

  • Jacqueline Chong (Hong Kong Actress)

  • Chin Ka Lok (Hong Kong Actor)

  • Alex Fong (Hong Kong Actor)


Aaron Kwok at ProRacing Simulation Centre Chin Ka Lok Practicing at ProRacing


The drivers came to our centre for simulation training, and had made improvements to their driving style and technique on the simulator. This helped some of them get great results in the race. With Chin Ka Lok finishing on the podium in 2nd place and Aaron Kwok in 5th place. Congratulations Guys! 


If you have a specific track and car you want to master prior to your next race. Or wish to try out the feeling of the simulators. Get in touch Here


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