Revolutionary New Sim Racing telemetry system built for Racing Drivers

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Telemetry is awesome.  Since it came along and got fitted within race cars, racing has never been the same. We're able to analyze our driving and the car's performance better than ever.

However, simply looking at complicated looking graphs and numbers is NOT magically going to make you faster. Unless, you understand what all those lines and numbers mean.

That's why we've worked hard to bring you the ProRacing analyzer.

The ProRacing Analyzer highlights and gives you simple explanations on where you're losing and gaining time. Plus actionable advice on how to improve your driving. Remember, how useful telemetry is to you. Is only determined by how well you understand it!


And just practicing more doesn't always mean you're getting better. If you practice the wrong just get better at doing the wrong things.

That's why the analyzer tool, included with the ProRacing software. Helps you examine your laps and shows you what to really do....without needing to have a driver coach sit next to you all the time.

It's designed to get you on track to becoming a winner ! Here's what's included within the analyser.


The Lap Analysis in Action

With the new Lap Analysis section. You're able to compare two laps together and get advice on your

  • Sector Timings

  • Driving Line

  • Turn Analysis

  • Speed Comparison

  • Brake lockup incidents

  • Ride heights (where the car bottoms out)

All in plain english. Understand where you're losing the most time, and how to gain the biggest improvements next time out.


Speed Comparison:
This analysis shows the top speed you reach at the end of straights, and the slowest speeds you reach in the turns. If you have a second lap loaded, you can compare the speeds between the two laps at a specific point on track. This lets you easily see where and how you are faster or slower.




When your car is in the garage there are up to six different screens to help you learn more about your current session. The bottom of the screen contains various buttons allowing you to switch between displays.



Statistics Screen: This screen shows your name, car type, track name and length, and session type. The screen goes on to summarize your current session, with session and stint lap times, both average and fastest. It also shows fuel consumption per lap for the stint; the number of laps driven in the session and stint, and your overall position.


Notes screen: This screen shows user defined text that would be useful to have on hand. Each car and track combination can have its own set of notes.


Lap Times screen: This screen shows all your lap times from the current session along with the fastest sector information.

Standings screen: This screen shows the standings from the current session, with each driver's name, position, lap time difference to the fastest car, and the number of laps completed on track.


Telemetry screen: This screen allows you to select a pre-recorded telemetry lap file, sync the

sim's replay with the display's replay, and then play back the telemetry in real time, viewing tire temperatures, ride heights, shock deflections, g-forces, speed, rpms, gear, and throttle and brake application. (For iRacing only).

Apart from driving analysis, the ProRacing Analyzer can show you multiple data traces as well. You get as standard the,

  • Throttle and brake overlay, so you can see your driving style better and understand how you apply the throttle and brake around the track. As well as the usual information such as gear position, steering position, rpm and wheel speed.

    - Laps can be played back in real time, with your car's position displayed on a 3-dimensional the track map. It allows you to see the elevation changes around the lap. This is important for determining how to approach the turns with banking and camber. Ideal for tracks such Spa and the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


If you honestly want to make the most out of your sim racing experience and training. Then it's a must you get the best tools and training available. The best part is that this tool alone can save you thousands of dollars from hiring professional coaches, and many more hours trying to discover the fastest way around the track.

Call +852 2617 6766 if you wish to try out the ProRacing analyser.

If you have any other enquires. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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How much is your telemetry and does it work on Iracing, especially ride heights and shock info? Thanks, Larry

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