About ProRacing - Sim Racing and Training Centre

The Most Advanced and Realistic Racing Simulation You Can Find in Hong Kong 


At ProRacing, you can now experience the same feelings a racing driver goes through whilst behind the wheel of a race car. If you’re looking for a place to unleash the speed within you, have a great time with friends, or even practice your skills on the way to becoming a professional racing driver. Then look no further….


Feel every bump, twist, turn, and slide with the full motion G-force seat. Each simulator has 3 High-Definition Monitors that allow you to look around corners, and feel as if you’re seated inside a real race car.  On top of that, the surround sound system allows you to hear your competitors all around you in the midst of competition.


There are 7 Full-Motion, Completely Immersive, and Networked racing simulators at our centre. This is ideal to host group events and competitive live races. This results in an extremely realistic and adrenaline packed racing experience. The best part…you don’t require an expensive race car, and have zero risk of getting injured :)


Proracing’s Centre & Services


Our centre has 2 floors. One for racing, the other as a reception and relaxation area equipped with games . There is also a podium for prize presentations, which makes ProRacing a memorable place to hold fun & competitive corporate events, as well as private events such as birthday parties. 


A great feature about the simulators are that they’re completely portable. This is the only full motion simulator in Hong Kong that can be transported to a venue of your choice.

Plenty of professional racing drivers use the simulators to hone their skills when they’re not at the racetrack. Racing Drivers who use ProRacing’s simulators include:


    -    Adderly Fong ( 2013 Audi LMS Cup Champion, Former GP3 Driver, Former F1 Development Driver)

    -    Dan Wells (2015 Asian Formula Renault Champion)

    -    Denise Yeung  (Hong Kong’s First Ever Female Racing Driver)

    -    and many more upcoming racing talents


Classes are currently being run by Hong Kong Racing School for Motorsports. Providing an extremely cost effective method for kids as young as 7 and upwards to get into motorsports.


Want to have a go ? 

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