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Is it your dream to become a racing driver ? Or do you have a burning desire for speed ?  If so, we’re surely one place in Hong Kong that can really give this to you.


Karting was said to be a drivers first step to forming a racing career. Though things have changed a lot, especially in the world of racing simulation. 


Realism has been taking to another level in sim racing, and we at ProRacing are extremely glad to bring you…. The Most Advanced and Realistic Racing Simulation in Hong Kong.


Full motion sims enable you to feel the movements and handling of the car intuitively. You’re surrounded by 3 High-Definition Monitors that give you a completely immersive view. On top of that, the surround sound system lets you precisely hear cars all around you when racing against live competitors. 


There are dozens of car to choose from. From modern to vintage, race cars to road cars. Plus hundreds of laser scanned racetracks from around the world. 


This is THE most cost-effective way to hone your racing skills. Even Professional Racing Drivers such as Adderly Fong frequently use our simulators.



Adderly Fong - Sauber F1               Dan Wells - Racing Driver



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