Professional Racing Simulator

Imagine driving almost any car you could think of. Race car or Road Car,  around world famous race tracks with laser scanned precision. This time, with a fraction of the running costs, and the freedom to drive when and wherever you wish.


The simulators are fully incorporated with full motion technology.  You get the same seat of the pants feel under braking, cornering and acceleration. You also have the ability to precisely feel the balance and handling of the car while taking a fast corner, as the motion devices can update its position 250 times per second !


On top of that, a triple-screen monitor provides a wide angle of viewing that immerses you within the car. A surround sound system lets you hear the revs of the engine, and exactly what’s going on around you in the heat of competition.


The technology used in the seats, are such that it creates muscle pressures. Which almost 'tricks the mind’ into believing you're feeling the actual G-Forces that you’d feel in a real car. A base moves only you, so when pushed forward under braking, or side-to-side in cornering. The feeling in a real car is replicated with utmost precision and realism.


Car manufacturers are also able to showcase their cars to a large number of prospective customers quickly and effectively. The sims are known to attract crowds, as well as a huge amount of attention and interest at every event they've been showcased at.


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