Group and Driver Training

At ProRacing, we often have a variety of groups come to hold their training events. With our partnership with Hong Kong Racing School for Motorsports, there are regular training sessions every month, for both kids and adults to train their racing skills.


Karting in Hong Kong


We’re the only place available in Hong Kong to offer Full-Motion Simulation for Kart Racing. Karting is often known to be the first step to starting a successful racing career. Nearly every Formula 1 driver on the grid today started in Karting.


Training at ProRacing is a completely risk free. There’s no risk of expensive damage, plus you’ll be able learn the fundamentals of Kart Racing at a much quicker rate, and far cheaper than the cost of doing the real thing. This is perfect if you’re a driver who races abroad. You’ll be able to do valuable preparation prior to your upcoming races.


Visit to learn more about training programs offered by them.


Young Racing Driver Training in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Racing School for Motorsports Group Training


Hosting Your Own Group Training


Whether you’re a racing team, driving school, or any type of group who wishes to use the simulators at our centre. Then please Click Here to schedule an appointment with us.  We’d be glad to do our best to accommodate to your needs.