Racer's Grade Racing Simulator


The is known as the  #1 machine at ProRacing, and it’s rightly so….This machine takes racing simulation to a whole new dimension.


 The Racer’s Grade Simulator is a leap forward in racing simulation technology.  It is equipped with the world’s most unique “G-Force” seat, which creates various types of force feedback on your body, across multiple angles and a range of forces.


 The driving equipment is state-of-the-art, with the most advanced range of Fanatec™ steering wheels, pedals of adjustable stiffness, and racing gear shifter. All the driving equipment is run by a powerful computer which results in beautiful, high frame rate, and very detailed visual graphics. 


This machine is guaranteed to bring about better on track performance for teams and drivers looking to win.



G-Force Bucket Seat


The G-Force seat isn’t only designed to look and feel like a real racing seat. It also contains advanced technology built within it. There are 6 servos to give you precise and realistic pressure on your body, mimicking the G-Forces and ‘seat of the pants’  feel you get in racing. 


It’s easy to quickly forget you’re driving on a simulator. The servos provide identical to real life motion forces, which act upon your back and bottom to simulate the physics of the car, and feel of the racetrack.




Traction Loss Module


 The Traction Loss motion module enables the drivers to precisely feel the traction of the car much faster, and apply the necessary corrections when it’s at the limit of it's traction.  In comparison with traditional fixed simulators, this gives a feeling of total control to the driver.


There’s no need to fumble about and ‘learn’ where the limits of grip are, this module makes it completely intuitive. This a patented design, and only available to you in Asia with ProRacing.




Genuine Racing Feel Steering Wheels


The grips are made of genuine Italian made Alcantara material. It is easy to clean, and gives a great feeling of grip and full control. The compact 26 cm diameter steering wheel allows for fast movements and reaction speed. A large LED display can show the speed, current gear, remaining fuel and many other parameters just like that in real modern day racing cars.


The steering wheels are detachable, and can even be changed to a sleek formula car style steering wheel. All the steering wheels contain a paddle shift as standard on most modern racing cars.  This allows for instant gear shifting.