Company Events

Draw large crowds, huge attention, and excitement at your next event. 



This is what ProRacing's simulators have repeatedly delivered done, time after time.


Simulator at Charity Event



With thousands of difference track and car combinations, there’s an endless supply of unique experiences to offer your audience. For starters there’s a huge range of events we’ve served including: 



Team building events 


Give your team a challenge that’s completely unique, safe and competitive. Far cheaper than using a real racing car, with extremely high realism nonetheless.



Corporate hospitality  


Keep your guests entertained within your hospitality suite. Perfect for use at races, where it’s completely possible to run the same car & track setup being raced. Have challenges for guests to post their fastest lap times.



Car Exhibitions 


Want to showcase the performance of a new car ?  You can let anyone take a test drive with complete peace of mind. At this level of simulation technology, you can get hundreds of people interested in your new vehicle. Best of all, get them fully immersed and enjoying the experience. Seeing, feeling and hearing the sounds as if they were driving for real.

Porsche Event Driving Simulators


ProRacing Simulator with Porsche




Product launches 


If you’re a brand already associated with luxury cars or motorsports. That’s perfect ! You can now really turn up the excitement at your next product launch, with challenges, races and fun activities involving the simulators. Have a product launch that’s truly remembered by your customers and audience.


Hong Kong Formula E Racing Simulation



Brand promotion 


To keep your brand on top of your customers mind, as well as the general public. You can use our simulators at your next event. To provide a completely interactive experience for your audience. Singapore Airlines worked with us to achieve this when promoting their airline for the 2015 Singapore F1 Grand Prix. 

Singapore Airlines Formula 1 Promotion with ProRacing's Simulators






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To advertise your company. You’re able to completely brand the simulators in your company’s logos and colour scheme, hold competitions with live timings, and have prize giveaways.

The Simulators have delivered outstanding results at events and are run by our friendly staff. You don’t have to worry about operating the simulator at all.  We run regular social media promotions to thousands of young people and car enthusiasts. Work with us to boost your marketing efforts for your business.


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